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Qualifying Standards

What are qualifying or eligibility standards? This is the criteria we follow in determining who might be eligible to rent our units.

Qualifying Standards

  • Applicant must have current photo identification and a valid social security number.

  • Applicant's monthly household income must be more than double(2x) the monthly rent. All income must be from a verifiable source. Unverifiable income will not be considered.

  • Applicant must have the entire move-in monies within 24 hours of being approved.

  • Applicant must receive positive references from all previous landlords for the previous 5 years.

  • Applicant must not have any evictions or unpaid judgments from previous landlords.

  • Applicant must not have any felony convictions.

  • Applicant must exhibit a responsible financial life. Credit score must show a history of responsibility.

  • A background check will be conducted on all applicants over 18. Applicant's background must exhibit a pattern of responsibility.

  • Applicants MUST agree to the no-smoking policy. Smoking of any kind is NOT permitted within the building.

  • Occupancy is limited to 2 people per bedroom.

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